Solapur Estates

About Us

SOLAPUR ESTATES is a premium luxury and high end real estate agency that works with full professionalism in SOLAPUR.. Professionalism, Trust and Respect for Consumer is our core

Our team of Experienced and Young and dynamic agents and professionals have come together with a Diverse set of experiences and skills leveraging our position as the one stop solution for real estate transactions.

The team is founded by Mr. Satish Kodam, highly experienced Real estate Investor himself and experience in Textiles, Garments and International Marketing

This venture has been formed in the year 2021 to cater to the growing need for quality educated professionals and to address the trust deficit and adequate due diligence gaps in the real estate agency space in India. We are confident that we will quickly climb our way to the very top echelons of the real estate market and aim to be the first truly respected global real estate advisory firm from India.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become the first truly professional and branded real estate consultancy to emerge from Solapur with global aspirations

Our Mission is to set global benchmarks and standards of excellence in the Indian Real Estate Consultancy Space.

Your Trusted Partner

Demand for Residential Plots, Residential Flats, Home and properties have increased due to increased urbanisation and rising household income- Laxmi Real Estates is fully equipped to meet

The rising influx of property buyers.

Investment in Real Estate

We are also making a group of investors with a minimum of Rs. 1 Lakh each coming together to buy

Real estate just like REITs which will give them solid investment in Real estate but in small investment ticket size.

Investment in Commercial Property or Rental Property

We are also making a group of investors with a minimum investment of Rs. 1 Lakh each who want to invest in Rent yielding or commercial property . The rent and Ownership of the property will be distributed in ration of investment.


Brokerage Percentage will be informed at the time of agreement and each Business segment being different Brokerage Percentage will vary but it will be very less compared to returns given to our customers.


All Aspiring young and dynamic persons can join as Agents and they will be given commission at pre determined rates for sourcing, selling and getting investors or customers for our Company.

Owner Information

Name : Ganesh Satish Kodam

Email :

Contact : 999999999

Qualification :

Name : Vinod Anand Arkal

Email :

Contact : 999999999

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