Solapur Estates

Group Buying In Acres

Every Real estate buyer wants to buy Plots suitable and according to his investment size which is in Lakhs . Everybody knows that the Land Price in Acres is 1/3rd of the plot size but because every small Retail investor cannot buy in Crores of Rupees they have to pay nearly 2/3rd price more.For example in Khumbari Area Land in Acres is Rs. 50 Lakhs which makes per sq.ft. price Rs.200/- but whereas the plot sale price is Rs. 500/- to Rs. 600/- per sq.ft.We are interested in making a group interested in buying land in a particular area and do group buying giving plots at reduced rates with all the necessary govt. Regulatory clearances.

Group Buying Of Flats

Every builder wants to get his investment in the fastest way and if a huge no. Of flats are bought then the price can be negotiated to the rock bottom price. This price is generally given to big Investors and at the start of construction.